Workforce Transformation Through

Building A Skills Database To Make The Right Decisions Using Real Data

Move beyond endless spreadsheets and disconnected systems. Build a digital, and searchable skills library that you can use to make better business decisions.

Seeing the holistic picture with skills mapping between roles, teams and locations on a single dashboard

Skills shouldn't be static and sit in isolation. By mapping skills across your organization, you will be able to predict and adapt to issues whenever the need arises in a more meaningful and confident way.

Determining employee competency through battery of Aptitude, Cognitive, Skill and Personality assessments

Lrnable has built its Structured-Subjective approach to help better understand employee competency by looking into skills, interests and qualifications

Generate a skills matrix to report on gaps and opportunities

From real-time decisions to strategic workforce planning, having a clear picture of your employees will help you overcome many career succession, recruiting and business growth problems.

Search for the right employee skills and qualifications in seconds

Whether it's building new teams or ensuring project compliance, having the ability to search for the traits that will drive business success is simple in Lrnable